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The Clearport Offers a Unique Airport-Themed Retail Concept

As guests walk into The Clearport, they are immediately greeted by arrival and departure screens — cleverly informing of sold-out items and brands. Handed a security bin meant to hold items of purchase, patrons are free to roam about the shop to peruse items from the likes of BBC, Publish, Akomplice, Profound Aesthetics, in addition to others. A conceptual airport-themed retail space, founder Haytham Elgawly purveys his own unique take on commerce in an age where online shopping has become the norm.

The standout interior design that is making this new concept store a must-see

Airports can be rough. You have to rush to get there early enough to make your flight, line up for hours to check in, and worst of all—go through security. But one shop has used the hassle of airports for a novelty retail concept.


I applaud any individuals who have the propensity to think outside of the box. Haytham Elgawly did just that – and in the stratosphere – with his airport-themed retail space, called The Clearport in Jersey City, New Jersey. We chat with Haytham about the process of designing the body scanner, his Mile High Club (in-store), and being mistaken for an actual travel agency.

Sky High Retail Grounded Shoppers …

An airline ticket is no longer required to experience the highlights of the airport shopping experience. Retail outlets have captured the magic of air travel and, through clever designs, are sharing it with shoppers. Innovative interiors and themed details fuse the luxury of travel with high-end goods, allowing for a world-class shopping experience – without a passport.

This Store Is Made To Feel Like You’re Shopping At The Airport

A new store named The Clearport has recently opened in McGinley Square in Jersey City, NJ. Designed by owner Haytham Elgawly, this airport-themed space brings consumers a new shopping experience, albeit more positive than its inspiration.


Designed by Haytham Elgawly, The Clearport is flipped the notion of airport security lines and terminals into an interactive airport-themed retail experience. Aimed to mimic the experience of a seasoned jet-setter, finer details include seating embedded with USB charging ports, a TSA body scanner-inspired fitting room complete with a camera for photo-sharing ops, not to mention a redeemable loyalty program called The Mile High Club, which all add up to exhibit a truly distinct retail establishment. Brands on offer include Publish Brand, Billionaire Boys Club, EPTM, and Rothco.

The Clearport: Airport-Inspired Retailer Opens in New Jersey

You walk into the terminal and look up at the monitors to check on the latest arrivals and departures. You proceed past a seating area equipped with USB charging ports and through a TSA body scanner before … picking up some clothes and purchasing them at the counter!? That’s right, if you’re at The Clearport, a new concept retailer that’s inspired by the airport experience.

Retail Spaces That Are Blowing Our Minds

Maintaining a strong brick and mortar presence in the age of e-commerce is much easier said than done–just ask Sports Authority, Borders, and K-Mart. While some national chains are struggling to compete with online retailers like, a new breed of boutique retail spaces has risen. Their strategy? In addition to providing quality products at competitive prices, retailers at the forefront of capturing customer appeal cater to consumers’ desire for an ambiance, an experience, and the “cool” factor.


isitors can store their potential buys in an airport security tray Members of the store’s Mile High Club rewards programme receive in-store discounts Airport terminals are often associated with feelings of anxiety and dread – a necessary evil in the pursuit of sunnier climes. The Clearport aims to generate a warmer response with its playful retail space that references airport terminal design cues. The store features garments by streetwear brands including Billionaire Boys Club, Akomplice and Publish, which are divided into terminals, and screens that highlight forthcoming ‘arrivals’ and sold-out ‘departures’. A TSA body scanner photo booth enables customers to take pictures of their outfits and share them on social media, adding a phygital (physical-meets-digital) layer to the experience.